SST-4 24 Volt Version

SST-4 24 Volt Version

SST-4 24 Volt Version

Ability to remotely operate engine controls, including Start/Stop, Throttle and E-Power.

Active and Inactive modes. Active mode when Master enable signal is provided to the SST-4.

Auto Stop On Loss Of Pressure Mode allows the monitoring of engine or PTO functions and automatic fail-over to preset emergency power settings.

Inputs triggers include: MASTER, Start/Stop (SS), Auxiliary (AUX), Throttle (TH), Pressure Sensor (PRESSURE) .

Triggers are provided by supplying either a positive signal (+12V) or ground signal.

Three replaceable on-board relays enable switching for Ignition, Start/Stop, and E-power.

Circuit breakers provide protection for Ignition, Start/Stop, and E-Power circuits.

Dual throttle relays allow for multiple throttle settings (engine speeds).

Emergency power (E-Power) source can be triggered independently.

Four character display showing faults, programming parameters and hour meter readout.

LED status indicators provide additional information, such as status of relay positions.

Programmable via 3-Pushbutton switches for choosing menu and entering/modifying parameters. No computer is required for programming.

Timer delays can be set for the following: (Delay values are shown in Table 4)

  • E-Power Delay Timer
  • Throttle Delay Timer
  • Glow Plug Timer
  • Start Duration Timer (max cranking time of the vehicle’s starter).

Loss of engine oil/hydraulic fluid pressure sensor delay Maximum time for the E-Power circuit to be engaged can be set. Time values are shown in Table 4.

Test mode allows bench testing of the inputs and outputs using built-in display.

On-board self-diagnostic tests display faults, and system “remembers” any faults that have occurred, even if the faults no longer exist.

Connector kits are included for control and throttle connectors.

Pre-wired harnesses are available (optional).

Price: $605.00